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Protecting Your Home Away From Home

Shore Locked Homes: Your trusted coastal custodian, keeping the Jersey Shore's homes secure and serene.

Our Mission

Dedicated to offering unparalleled peace of mind for every homeowner along the beautiful Jersey Shore.

Our Vision

Reimagining home watch to set the gold standard of trust, community, and security in our coastal region.


Our Mission
Is To Protect
Your Home

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Interior Services

Visually inspect the following:

  • Check all doors & windows for proper seal, lock, intrusion, damage
  • Check all faucets and fixtures for any signs of leaks
  • Check walls, floors, ceilings for evidence of water damage
  • Check that HVAC system is operating properly and the thermostat is set to agreed upon temperature setting
  • Check for rodents and/or bugs

Exterior Services

Visually inspect the following:

  • Roof, gutters and siding for signs of damage
  • Full exterior and all windows and doors for signs of forced entry or damage
  • Landscaping and irrigation systems for signs of damage
  • Visually inspect swimming pools and spas for obvious signs of damage or items that may need attention
  • Screened in porches

Other Services

List of custom/concierge/bespoke services:

  • Seasonal house opening and closing (water main on/off, toilets operational, ice makers, HVAC systems, hot water heater(s)
  • Pre and post rental assistance – cleaning, damage inspections, repairs, maintenance
  • Pre and post storm services – pre-storm preparedness of outside furniture, sheds, plants, etc., Post Storm damage assessment, etc.
  • Allow access and monitor any outside vendors/contractors during their visits
  • Take in any mail or package deliveries
  • Snow removal
  • Pressure washing
  • Interior/Exterior painting
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Frequently Asked Questions

The National Home Watch Association defines Home Watch as “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues”.

Alarm Companies remotely monitor unauthorized entry into your home and/or fire alarms. Shore Locked Homes monitors your home for ongoing potential problems that can occur as a result of broken pipes, mold, pests, etc. By visiting your home on a regularly scheduled basis, these and other issues can be identified and reported to you for guidance on remediation.

We offer a full range of exterior and interior services. We also offer fully customized solutions as each homeowner has different needs. This could be anything from handling deliveries, to fully handling all aspects of your home. (see our page for all custom service offerings). We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your individual Home Watch needs during a free consultation. We can do this at your location or remotely if that is more convenient.

Shore Locked Homes utilizes the latest GPS technology with embedded QR codes to provide detailed reporting upon completion of each visit. Based on your preferences, you will receive a detailed report with any relevant pictures and videos upon completion of each visit. You also have the option to view these reports at your leisure, via your own personalized portal into our system. The history of these reports is retained for reference purposes.

We will send you a detailed report explaining the issue with relevant pictures and videos, as well as provide suggested remediation steps. We may also call you immediately based on the severity of the issue. When we on-board you as a new client, we will have full details on how to contact you in an emergency.

Shore Locked Homes has relationships with many local vendors to handle any of your needs, including plumbers, electricians, roofing, siding, landscapers, general contractors, power washing, cleaning companies and many others.

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